1. What is Sharelov?

    Sharelov is a beautiful social media campaign development platform for teams.

    Sharelov allows social media teams to work together more effectively to create better campaigns across social networks.

    With Sharelov, users can:

    • Develop and review social media posts
    • Send posts and campaign decks for client approval
    • Design a content calendar
    • Schedule and publish posts

  2. How do I add teammates to Sharelov?

    In order to Add users to an account, the account owner must first add a Seat for each additional user in the Account Management section.

    Once the account has available seats,the Owner can add new users by clicking on the 'New Member'button on the Team section.Enter the user 's e-mail address and select the type of user. The 'Type of User ' defines the access rights:

    Users Table

  3. How do I edit my profile?

    To change your Profile information:

    • Login to your account
    • Click your username icon, located on the top left corner
    • Select 'Edit Profile' on the menu
    • Enter the new information in the form
    • Click the 'Submit' button the save the new information entered

  4. How do I create a new Brand?

    To create a new Brand:

    • Visit the Brands section and click on 'New Brand'.
    • Enter the name and upload a logo for the brand. Recommended image size: 150 x 150 pixels.
    • Add Brand Tags to help your team design posts by themes and organize the posting plan.

    Once you create the brand, you're ready to add the teammates that will work on the brand. You can do this in the brand's profile page.

  5. How do I add users to a Brand?

    You can add users to work on a Brand in the Brand's profile page. Simply enter their names in the form. If you add Community Managers and Editors, they will have access to all the brand's campaigns. If you add a Client to a Brand, you must also add them to the each campaign you want them to review and approve.

    Admins can add users to all Brands. Community Managers can only add users to brands they manage. Editors and Clients cannot add other users to a Brand team.

  6. How are users' rights managed?

    To edit a user's access rights click on 'Team' on the main menu and click the 'Edit' button that corresponds to the user.

    Each 'Type of User' has specific roles and access levels:

    Users Table

  7. How do I publish a campaign's posts to Facebook or Twitter?

    In order for a Brand to be able to publish to Facebook or Twitter, an Admin or Community Manager must first add a social profile.

    To add a new social profile, follow these steps:

    1. Click on Brands in the left sidebar
    2. Click the desired Brand
    3. Click the 'Add Social Profile' button
    4. Click on the 'New Social Network' button in the right sidebar
    5. Choose the type of Social Network, either Facebook or Twitter
    6. Choose the Social Account to finalize the connection

    To link a campaign to a social profile, click the 'edit' button for the corresponding campaign. Select the social profile and click the 'Submit' button.

  8. How do I create a new campaign?

    To create a new campaign, click on Brands in the left sidebar and then click the 'New Campaign' button for the corresponding Brand.

    The New Campaign dialog gives you the option to:

    • Enter the namefor the campaign
    • Choose the type of social network
    • Set the start date when the campaign will launch
    • Enter a brief descriptionfor the team

  9. How do I create and edit a Post?

    To create a new Post for a campaign, follow these steps:

    1. Choose the campaign you wish to work on
    2. Enter the Post 's text
    3. Click on the 'Photo'button to upload an image
    4. If you don 't have an image yet, you can create a Placeholder
    5. Click on the clock button to set the date and timefor publishing
    6. Click on 'Create Post'button to save the post

    Anyone in the Brand team (except Clients) can edit a Post.

    To edit the Post's text comment, simply click on the text to activate the editor and start editing. Click the 'check' button to save. To replace the image, simply click on the image and upload a new image.

  10. How do I create a post with an article?

    To create a post with an article, follow these steps:

    • Choose the campaign you wish to work on.
    • Insert the URL of the article you wish to share in the post’s text box.
    • Sharelov will automatically pull the article 's title, brief description and associated images.

    To edit the article’s title and description, simply click on the text to activate the editor and start editing. Once the post with an article is created, click on 'New Post' to save the post.

  11. How do I provide feedback to a Post?

    To provide your team members feedback to a Post, click on the 'Comments' button below the Post. Enter your comment in the right sidebar, choose the users you wish to receive the notification and click the Send button. Note that the message will only be viewable by the users you selected. Thus, internal communications will not be viewed by Clients, unless they're selected when the comment is sent.

  12. Who can approve a Post?

    Publish Approve
    A Post can be approved by these types of users with access to the campaign:

    • Admins
    • Community Managers
    • Clients

    When a Client approves a Post, Sharelov will send a notification to Admins and Community Managers.

  13. Can I hide Posts from Clients?

    Admin and/or Community Managers can hide Posts from Clients. To make a Post private, simply click on the lock button on the top right corner of every Post. When you’re ready to show the Post to the client, click on the lock button to make the Post public.

    Note that Clients can only see a campaign when an Admin or Community Manager invites them.

  14. How can I filter Posts in a campaign?

    You can filter Posts in a campaign by:

    • Dates
    • Post status
    • Campaign or Brand Tags

    You can share the filtered view by copying the URL with another user that has access to the campaign.

  15. Can I share a single Post for review?

    To share a specific Post, click on the Post's ID # and copy the Post's URL. You can share the URL with another user who has access to the campaign.

  16. How do I change the date and/or time of publishing for a Post?

    To change the day and/or time a Post will publish, click on the Post's current date/time to activate the editor and change to the new date/time.

    If you need to quickly change the dates of a number of Posts, use the Campaign's Calendar, where you can simply drag each Post to the desired date.

  17. Can I edit a Post that has already been scheduled?

    Admins and Community Managers can edit a Post that has already been scheduled on Facebook or Twitter. Click the 'Edit' button on the Post you need to edit. This will delete the Post on the social network and create a new copy of the Post on Sharelov. Once the Post is ready, you will need to reschedule the edited Post.